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Advanced Coma Patient Monitoring System
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Naveen Kansal, Hardeep Singh Dhillon
Coma, Patient Monitoring, Advanced Coma Monitoring, Coma Patient, Non intrusive system, image processing based sytem, Future coma product.
Embedded system is becoming an integral part of Engineering design process for efficient analysis and effective operation. From data analysis to hardware work, everywhere embedded products are the main interest because of its reliability and time bound perfection. There is not much time with anyone now a day to give enough in all aspects, so demand of embedded products which serve as we want is high on demand. Further it describes the design of an embedded system for the control of Temperature & Light intensity with continuous monitoring in a single system using sensors, microcontroller and LCD. It describes the controlling action incorporated in the hardware to control any device connected when specific conditions are met. Further set up is made such that data can be stored for future offline analysis. The hardware developed namely "Advanced Coma Patient Monitoring System" is very advanced product related to physical changes in body movement of the patient and gives Warning in form of alarm and display on the LCD in less than one second time. It also passes a sms to a person sitting at the distant place if there exists any movement in any body part of the patient.
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