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A Novel Scheme to Eliminate Common Mode Voltage in Multilevel Inverters
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Nasim Rashidi-rad, Abdolreza Rahmati, Adib Abrishamifar
Common mode voltage, Phase voltage, Line voltage, N level inverter.
Nowadays, multilevel voltage source inverters offer several advantages compared to their conventional two-level inverters. In these inverters, by synthesizing several levels of dc voltages, the staircase output waveform is produced. The structure of this waveform will have lower total harmonic distortion which leads to an approach to a desired sinusoidal waveform. Achieving higher output voltage and lower stress on power switches are other advantages of theses inverters. But in multilevel inverters the problem of common mode voltage which had been found in conventional two level inverters can still be considered as a major issue which leads to motor bearing failures. Therefore to eliminate these voltages proposing some methods seems to be necessary. This paper proposes a generalized method to generate pulse width modulation signals in multilevel inverters that have an odd number of levels. The main idea of this method to generate these signals for an n-level inverter is based on a freely selectable modulation method of an (N+1)/2 level imaginary inverter. This method which leads to eliminate common mode voltages of the n-level inverter can be extended to higher levels.
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