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A Journey Towards Green Revolution- A Case Study of Foundry
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R.Krishnaraj, Dr.M.Sakthivel, Dr.S.R.Devadasan, K. Kanthavel, E.Balaji, J.Arulmani
emission, spm, ambient air quality, Wet scrubber, induction furnace, dust collector, fume extraction
The objective of this study is to evaluate the stack emission and ambient air quality of a dust collector in a foundry. Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) was analyzed along with SO2, NO2 and CO hence, its level was found to be appropriate with all the locations of sampling stations. The factors affecting dust concentration were also discussed along with the results indicating lowest dust exposure, moderate and highest dust concentration based on the stack height with various levels were varied with respect to port hole, stack diameter and temperature with its metrological indication. Even though our study specifically focuses on a particular plant, the results may be interesting on reducing of dust particles.
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