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Centralization and Universalization of Knowledge - Problems, Solution and Challenges
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Pawan Bhattarai, Amrik Singh, Lalit.K.Awasthi, A.S Sudan
Hierarchical Knowledge Sharing Model (HKSM), Knowledge Processing System (KPS),Text Processing Subsystem (TPS), Multimedia Processing Subsystem (MPS), Triple-A System (AAA-System). Authentication-Authorization-Accounting (AAA).
Knowledge in academies is expressed in a decentralized and non-standard form that we encounter everyday and is expanding at an alarming rate at many places and is ultimately consumed by us to teach and make others to understand. There has been tremendous increase in knowledge in various areas and competition among many academies to understand and explain it in its most innate form. Due to this act, we have made so many different, duplicate and somewhere ineffective versions of explanation of knowledge entities that has always put us in a doubtful question like -“Am I teaching or learning the ultimate manuscript about the fact?” Inadvertently the knowledge is in devastating state in most of the academic institutions of the world. This paper proposes a solution that provides a platform to centralize and universalize the academic knowledge quality by using internet as pathway and sharing as an act.
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