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Dynamic Behavior of Underwater Towed-cable in Linear Profile
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Vineet Kumar Srivastava, YVSS Sanyasiraju, Mohammad Tamsir
Underwater towed cable array; cable dynamics; towed systems; towing manoeuvres; cable tension; numerical simulation; linear profile
In this paper, a numerical approach is presented which is capable of predicting dynamic behavior of underwater towed-cable structures when tow-ship changes its speed in a fixed direction making linear profile. A three-dimensional model of underwater towed system is studied. The governing equations for the system are solved by using a central finite-difference method. The solution of the finite-difference form of the assembled of non-linear algebraic equations is obtained by Newton's method. Since the underwater towed cable model uses implicit time integration, it is stable for large time steps and is an effective algorithm for simulation of large-scale underwater towed systems. The solution of this problem is of practical importance in the estimation of dynamic loading and motion, and thus has direct application to the enhancement of safety and the effectiveness of the offshore activities.
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