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Tribological Material Selection, Analysis Modification And Manufacturing Of Mill Roller Of 4-High Rolling Mill With FEA Model
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Prasad Sane, Dr. Ashesh Tiwari
Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Optimization, LEFM, Life Prediction of Roll, Finite Element Model, Feasiblity, crack initiation, crack propagation
In the industry, mill rollers are undergoing severe loading for 24 hours 7 days a week which results in formation of crack due to loading conditions, temperature and stress intensity. This leads to the demand in material selection according to its tribological needs which make the existing material to last for more time than the existing. Failures of rolls occur due to improper manufacturing and operational parameters. The samples of prematurely failed roll samples collected from steel plant were examined for their chemistry, inclusion content, microstructures, carbide characteristics, hardness and the retained austenite content. The residual stresses were also measured on the inner as well as the outer surface of the spalled roll pieces. The results obtained have been discussed in this paper. The higher content of retained austenite was primarily responsible for the spalling of indigenous rolls for which sub zero treatment has been recommended. Several suggestions have also been made for smooth operation of the mill and consequently for the extension of life of a work roll.
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