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Modified Prime Number Based Partition Algorithm
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Mr. Praveen Kumar Mudgal, Prof. Ms. Shweta Modi
Association Rule Mning,Cluster Based Partition Algorithm,Data mining,Frequent patterns,KDD,Support Count,Prime numbers.
Frequent pattern mining is always an interesting research area in data mining to mine several hidden and previously unknown pattern. The better algorithms are always introduced and become the topic of interest. Association rule mining is an implication of the form X implies Y, where X is a set of antecedent items and Y is the consequent items. There are several techniques have been introduced in data mining to discover frequent item sets. This paper describes a takes an approach for mining frequent pattern and suggest some modification. The new algorithm uses both the concepts of top-down and bottom-up approach.To calculate the support count prime representation of item sets is used .It enables to save time in calculating frequent item sets. Through this Efficiency of system improves when the frequent item sets are generating in lesser time.
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