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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2011 Edition
An Efficient and Simplest Algorithm for Generating Diagrams
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Tabinda Sarwar, Uzma Arif, Wajiha Habib Samana Zehra
Link Lists, Flow Charts, Organizational Chart, ER diagrams, Block diagrams, Click and Draw.
Whenever a system is to be designed and modeled, diagrams play a key role in the context. As diagrams enable us to understand, visualize and communicate concepts without ambiguity. Thus for the purpose many diagramming softwares are available. Different softwares uses different methodology for design and development but with the time the design is becoming complicated day by day and with the increased complexity also increases the learning time for the users. In contrast, software based on easy algorithm is easily understandable by the user. This paper presents a simple and efficient algorithm for designing “Diagram Generator” software (DG). The algorithm will describe the methodology for generating graphical shapes, which can be combined to produce diagrams like Flowchart, Block diagrams, Organizational charts, Data Flow diagrams, Entity-Relationship diagrams and many more.
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