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Data Aggregation and Query Processing in WSN
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Ayoni Mukherjee, Sanjit Setua
aggregation, base station(BS), Clusters , Cluster head (CH), MAX, nodes , query ,WSN.
A wireless sensor network (WSN) has a wide range of important applications such as remote environment monitoring , target tracking etc. This has been enabled by the availability of sensors that are smaller, cheaper and intelligent. These sensor nodes are equipped with wireless interfaces with which they can communicate with one another to form a network. The design of a WSN depends significantly on the application, and it considers factors like the environment, the application's design objectives, cost, hardware and system constraints. The goal of our work is to present a comprehensive approach of cluster based data aggregation and processing of various aggregation queries in WSN. The aggregation operations in WSN is an attractive research topic now -a- days. We have considered variety of queries involving aggregate functions and proposed an algorithm to calculate the 'MAX' aggregate function .Our algorithm successfully eliminates the limitations of existing algorithms to perform the same operation. We have used temperature sensing application for this purpose.
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