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Application Of Stress Index Model In The Albanian Banking System
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Dr. Doriana Matraku (Dervishi)
banking system, forecast, early warning system, stress index, variables
Central banks and supervisory authorities try to maintain a stable situation in the banking sector and in doing so; they ensure stability to the entire financial system. There are always raised two important questions: what is the present situation of the banking sector and how it will develop in the future? The core objective of this paper will be achieved through the establishment of a forecasting model for the situation of the banking system. We can not foresee the crisis, because even numerous developed countries can not do such a thing, but given the status of the current data t, we can predict the situation for a time period t +1. This article will focus on the calculation of a "stress index" on the current situation of the banking sector and, subsequently, will continue to build an econometric model to try to predict the situation for a certain period of time.
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