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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2011 Edition
Automating the Diagram Generation Process
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Tabinda Sarwar, Uzma Arif, Wajiha Habib, Samana Zehra
Automation, Block Diagram, Diagram Generation, Drag and Drop, ER Diagram, Flow Chart, Form Filling, Text Selection.
Diagrams are the key to modeling and designing software. These diagrams enable us to understand, visualize and communicate the concepts, user requirements and functionality that the software would support. Drawing diagrams or models manually and then modifying them later is time taking hence various software tools have been developed for automating this process. This paper discusses the existing tools and presents an algorithm for a software “Auto-Diagram Generator” (ADG) for generating diagrams which is better and more flexible than the existing ones. ADG allows users to generate Block diagrams, Flowcharts and ER diagrams by form-filling and by text selection. The algorithm is extended to generate ER diagrams building blocks (entities and attributes) by reading a database. Any diagramgeneration software is incomplete without providing a manual support for editing the generated diagrams.
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