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Impact of Mobility Models with Different Scalability of Networks on MANET Routing Protocols
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Santosh Kumar, S.C.Sharma, Bhupendra Suman
Mobility model, TDMA, Routing Protocol-FSR, LANMAR, OLSR.
MANET routing protocols performance is perceptive to mobility and scalability of network. The performance of any routing protocol depends on the duration of interconnection among the nodes in the networks. This interconnections results an average connected path for whole network. This paper evaluates, the impact of three mobility models i.e. File mobility model , Random Waypoint and Group mobility model on a proactive uniform routing protocol (FSR) and a proactive non-uniform routing protocols (LANMAR, OLSR).The simulation based analysis are carried out with constant traffic load of varying network size and TDMA is considered at MAC layer.
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