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A Survey Of Project Scenario Impact In Sdlc Models Selection Process
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Manish Sharma
Process model, Project team, Project type, Project risk, RAD model, SDLC, Spiral Model, Water fall model.
In the software industry, a large number of projects fail and billions of dollars are spent on failed software projects. Lacks of poor selection process of software development life cycle (SDLC) models is some of the top reason of such failure. By selecting right software process model a better and high quality product can be found within budget and time. In this paper, an approach is proposed to select an appropriate SDLC model based on different project characteristic categories. In this paper, a comparison approach of SDLC process is introduced, which is based on project characteristic categories and then categories are classified. Paper described about comparison tables of SDLC models, and better selection process of SDLC models.
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