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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2011
A Comparative Study on Improving the Latency Time of File Access Using Standard Backpropagation Neural Networks
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Mr. S. Ashok Kumar, Dr. G. M. Nasira
Artificial Neural Networks, Backpropogation Algorithm, Caching, File Access, Prefetching Files, Predictors
The data or file will be required to be moved from secondary memory to main memory for executing certain instructions. The time taken to transfer the data is referred as latency time. The In this paper a detailed study on various file access predictors and caching techniques is discussed. The various file operations such as file prediction, file creation, file deletion, file modification and file access are considered and a study is made in this paper for early prediction of files. Various file access predictors have been proposed in identifying the immediate successor of file or data block to be accessed. Few predictions have also proposed in identifying the files that can be accessed upto five access ahead. The standard backpropagation neural implementation in file access by improving the latency time of the file access is also proposed in this paper.
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