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Methods Used to Handle Overloading of Information in Usenet
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Deepika Saxena, Monika Saxena
Usenet is the name of a worldwide network of servers for group communication between people. From 1979 and onwards, it has seen a near exponential growth in the amount of data transported, which has been a strain on bandwidth and storage. There has been a wide range of academic research with focus on the WWW, but Usenet has been neglected. Instead, Usenet's evolution has been dominated by practical solutions. This paper describes the history of Usenet in a growth perspective, and introduces methods for collection and analysis of statistical data for testing the usefulness of various caching strategies. A set of different caching strategies are proposed and examined in light of bandwidth and storage demands as well as user perceived performance.the advanced caching methods for news offers relief for reading servers' storage and bandwidth capacity by exploiting usage patterns for fetching or prefetching articles .I have shown the problems occurs in this type of methods with little bit solutions.users may want to read, but it will not solve the problem of near exponential growth nor the problems of Usenet' sbackbone peers.
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