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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2011
A Role of Query Optimization in Relational Database
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Prof.M.A.Pund, S.R.Jadhao, P.D.Thakare
SQL Query optimization, relational database, Query Processing
Nowadays, we are flooded with information through and from the Databases. We have to deal with a constantly increasing amount of facts, figures and dates. Therefore, it is necessary to somehow store this information in an adequate way. This is what database systems were developed for. One particular approach is the relational databases. In a relational database all information can be found in a series of tables in which data is stored in rows and columns. The problem with SQL query, its declarative - does not specify a query execution plan and also we have to deal with as a consequence is the question as how to find the specific facts that might interest us amongst all the information stored in the described tables. And as one might put it, "Time is Money" in our society, it is not only important to find the required information, but also with proper execution plan so that it takes less time. The solution is to convert SQL query to an equivalent relational algebra and evaluates it using the associated query execution plan.
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