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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 3,March 2012
"Eagles Don't Flock"
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Shubhra Johri, Omika Bhalla, Neha Awasthi
Blue Ocean, Differentiation, Innovation, Low cost strategy, Red Ocean, Uncontested market, Value Addition
Customer is no wonder the king, but to assume that he is the only king in the world is stupid. To depend on customers to achieve growth is not a very good idea, the aim should rather be to grab non - customers by creating new, uncontested opportunities and demand for the product.A small frog in the well knows nothing about the ocean. Similarly the organizations with myopic vision don't know about the opportunities beyond horizon. They are too busy fighting the competition to realize the power of infinite. Their concern is just to exploit the existing demand.When the various supply side means/factors to capture the market fail, then the demand side factors become crucial. To create new demand for the product by penetrating the same market through various tools like pricing, promotion etc. increases demand but to a certain extent. Similarly developing our product for the same market increases the demand again to a certain extent. Like everything else there are limitations of the market. Limitations of the finite. So the key is to explore a new market. This new market becomes even more crucial when our competitors are not aware about its existence. Considering this the aim must be to go beyond the finite into the unexplored, unfamiliar, uncultivated world beyond.
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