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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 5,May 2012
3D Searching
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.1197-1202  
Pranav Agarwal
Search engine, sketch query, text query, multimodel query, teddy, sketch, repository
As the number of 3D models available on the Web grows, there is an increasing need for a search engine to help people. Unfortunately, traditional text-based search techniques are not always effective for 3D data. The key challenges are to develop query methods simple enough for novice users and matching algorithms robust enough to work for arbitrary polygonal models. We present a web-based search engine system that supports queries based on 3D sketches, 2D sketches, 3D models, and/or text keywords. We also present a web-based search engine system that supports multimodel queries which include both text query and sketch query. This results in faster retrieval of the result and the percentage efficiency also increases. The net result is a growing interactive index of 3D models available on the Web (i.e., a Google for 3D models).
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