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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 5,May 2012
Solving the oscillating electric dipole equation by Adomian decomposition technique
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Electric charges, oscillating electric dipole equation, electric fish, electric organ discharge, Adomian decomposition technique
For modeling the electric organ discharge of Malapterurus electricus catfish we have set up the electromechanical scheme of the catfish as an electric dipole the charges of which are linked by a spring of stiffness k. We call this particular system of charges an oscillating electric dipole. Taking into account the main forces applied to this dipole and applying the Newton's second law of motion we obtain a relation that we call oscillating electric dipole equation. Our paper reports the resolution of such a nonlinear differential equation. The oscillating electric dipole approach is applied to electric behavior of Malapterurus electricus catfish in order to design the electric equivalent scheme of the fish
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