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Analysis of High Speed Spindle with a Double Helical Cooling Channel
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.1112-1116  
R.Sathiya Moorthy, V. Prabhu Raja, R.Lakshmipathi
High speed spindle, spindle housing, double helical cooling channel and Turbulence analysis
The purpose of this paper is to numerically analyze the fluid motion and temperature distribution in built-in motorized high-speed spindle housing with double helical water cooling channel. A three dimensional finite element model of high speed spindle housing is developed and simulated using computational fluid dynamics software to determine the temperature distribution. The model is based upon a machine tool spindle of 5KW and maximum speed of 40,000 rpm. The effect of heat flux (q"= 3I0867 W/m2) with different cooling water velocity are examined in detail. The results are compared with a single helical cooling channel and it indicates that the designed cooling loop is more effective and increase in temperature can be reduced significantly.
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