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Optimization Of Web Server Through A Domain Name System Approach
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Dr varaPrasad .s. .Kondapalli 
A clustered web system with one virtual URL-name is one of the possible approaches to handle ever increasing client requests to popular websites. This system maintains a single interface to the users & has the potential to provide better load balancing. The client HTTP requests can be assigned to the web server with the least load by the IP address dispatcher. The IP address dispatcher assigns client requests to the web server through the packet rewriting mechanism that modifies the destination address of each incoming packet to the address of the selected web server. However, the task of rewriting the address fields of all packets can cause the IP dispatcher to become a bottleneck when the system is overloaded with heavy client requests. The DNS maps the URL name to the IP address of one of servers in the web clusters through the round robin scheduling policy. The DNS dispatcher based cluster does not present risk of bottleneck but it control distribution of user requests in a limited way due to the IP address caching in the DNS.
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