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Molecular adducts of pentafluorophenylantimony (III) chlorides (Rf) n SbCl3-n with neutral monodentate oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur donors[
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.891-895  
Isha Rizvi, Amarika Singh, Navneet Singh, Dharmendra K. Srivastava
Adducts, bis (pentafluorophenyl) antimony (III) chloride, characterised, Lewis acidity, monomeric, non-electrolyte, pentafluorophenyl antimony (III) dichloride
Penta-coordinated and Tetra-coordinated neutral adducts (C6F5)2SbCl.L, (C6F5)SbCl2.L and (C6F5)SbCl2.L2 [L= Pyridine, Thiourea, Triphenylarsenic oxide, Hexamethyl phosphoramide, Triphenylphosphine oxide, a-Picoline, ß-Picoline, ?-Picoline] have been synthesized .Molecular adducts are monomeric in benzene and non-electrolyte in acetonitrile. IR spectra and conductance measurement suggest that the complexes are neutral
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