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Potentials of Small Hydro Power in Nigeria: The Current Status and Investment Opportunities
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.I038-I042  
Roseline Kela, Kaisan Muhammad Usman and Ahmad Tijjani
Electricity, Energy, Small Hydro, Investment
This write-up summarizes the small hydro power potentials in Nigeria, its present status and investment opportunities. Nigeria is endowed with so many resources both human and natural; the need to harness these resources in serving the human needs is paramount. Renewable energy remains the cleanest, most reliable and inexhaustible energy type and Nigeria is blessed with almost all types of renewable energy resources. One of the most readily available renewable energy resources is small hydro. Nigeria had the potentials of over 277 dispersed small hydro sites capable of generating electric power of about 734.2MW out of which only 30MW has been harnessed in 2005, and the potential as at today is estimated to reach 3,500MW. This of cause is good enough to attract any serious investors considering the overwhelming population of the country as well as the high demands of electricity in all the surrounding villages of the said potential small hydro sites. Although there are few challenges in the sector, but one important assertion is that, the profit margin in SHP in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized and investment in this sector will be highly rewarding.
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