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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 5,May 2012
The effects of the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) on growing creative minds in high schools
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.802-813  
Mohammad reza ghaznavi, Aleme keikha, Hasan keikha
: Information and Communication technology, Creative thinking, high school
This research's purpose was set to study the effects of the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) on growing creative minds and four elements of the creativity which are mobility, initiative, resilience and expansion in one of Kalaleh city's high schools. Through this study, a comparative-based method is used including two experimental groups: the experiment group and the control group. The whole population of the students that have been studying in the third grade in Kalaleh's high schools has been 308 individuals in the academic year 1389-90. The sampling method in this study was the "Simple Cluster" and 38 students from "Shahid Beshkufe" high school as control group and 30 students from Doctor Hesabi high school as experiment group -all male and third grade students- were selected as samples for this research. The data have been gathered using two methods: the library method and Torrance's visual creativity test. The data are analyzed in two levels of descriptive (average calculation, variance, and deviation from mean) and deductive (the T test for calculating the difference between the averages of the experiment and control group). The major results of this study were that firstly using the ICT for the third-grade students has been effective on growing creative thinking with initiative and expansion but it has had no effects on the growth of their mobility and resilience. In brief, using ICT helps the third-grade students to have creative minds.
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