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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 5,May 2012
Resource Management for Online Demand Services
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.131-133  
Aware Sachin B, Pansare Rushikesh B, Shevkar Abhishek C, Kulkarni Sumant S
Resource Management for Online Demand Services, Resource Management,QoS For Online Demand Services
Resource management offers Quality-of-Service reliability for time-critical continuousmedia applications. Currently, existing resource management systems in the Internet and ATM domain only provide means to reserve resources starting with the reservation attempt and lasting for an unspecified duration. However, for several applications such as video conferencing, the ability to reserve the required resources in advance is of great advantage. This paper outlines a new model for resource reservation in advance. We identify and discuss issues to be resolved for allowing resource reservation in advance. We show how the resource reservation in advance scheme can be embedded in a general architecture and describe the design and implementation of a resource management system providing reservation in advance functionality.
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