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scirp IJSER >> Volume 3,Issue 5,May 2012
A Fault Based Object Oriented Testing using UML
Full Text(PDF, )  PP.27-33  
Ravindra Kr. Gupta, Hari Ji, Gajendar Singh Chandel
UML based testing, Automatic test case generation, state diagram, collaboration diagram, Mutation testing.
We propose a testing technique for object-oriented programs. Based on the state and collaboration models of a system, we construct an intermediate representation, which we have named state collaboration diagram (SCOTEM). We generate test cases to achieve state-activity coverage of SCOTEM .We have empirically evaluated the effectiveness of our approach. The results show that the proposed technique could detect seeded integration testing faults which could not be detected by the related approaches. The previous work of this topic is only show the state and activity model. But we can consider the event if any message deliver to an object that behaves according to message so we can say that event based .the programming approach with the help of UML (unified modeling language) to generate the text file for collaboration diagram and the prototype model is used for the testing of path generated by that prototype model. My testing work is based on path based, path is generated with the help of UML diagram, and it shows the message sequence number it's also provide the source to target path, object, transition state. Transition shows the message imitate from source to destination. And the message passing according to the sequence number each, sequence number identifies the separate massage.
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