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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2011
Theory of Infinite Dimensions & Parallel Universe
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Vikrant Saxena
unifying quantum & gravity, quantum Universe , Infinite dimensions, parallel universe, time and space constraints.
Theory of universe is an ultimate topic of debate since past centuries, its beginning, and existence and how it will going to end is remained a question, without any concrete evidence to prove it. Parallel universe is also a nice topic for brainstorming and its proof. I have deducted many innovative Ideas and concrete proofs to solve this problem and developed a satisfactory theory underlying the universe.
[1] Stephen hawking –“A brief history of time”.

[2] Stephen hawking _”Universe in a nutshell”.

[3] How stuff works_” Do parallel universe really exists?”.

[4] Hugh Everett_ “many worlds theory” 1957, Prinston University.

[5] Saberi roy_ “The psychology of the dreams “

[6] Julian Barbour article Relational concepts of space and time. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 33, 251 (1982).

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