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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2011
Optimized AES Rijndael implementation on embedded controller R8C
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R.Elumalai, Dr.A.R.Reddy
R8C microcontroller, AES Rijndael, optimization.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rijndael algorithm has gained popularity as it is deployed in various embedded systems. Realization of AES algorithm on microcontroller with minimum memory will be useful for deploying it in low cost applications. R8C microcontroller from Renesas is one of the popular microcontrollers in industrial application, being low cost and versatile processor having all peripherals like three UART, three timers, SSU, I2C, LIN, USB, 10 channels ADC with operating frequency at 20MHz. This paper discusses the implementation of AES on R8C controller its speed and memory requirement for the same.
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