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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Character Localization From Natural Images Using Nearest Neighbours Approach
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Shaila Chugh, Yogendra Kumar Jain
Character Localization, Scene Text, Nearest Neighbours, Edge Detection, OCR, Histogram, Filters
Scene text contains significant and beneficial information. Extraction and localization of scene text is used in many applications. In this paper, we propose a connected component based method to extract text from natural images. The proposed method uses color space processing. Histogram analysis and geometrical properties are used for edge detection. Character recognition is done through OCR which accepts the input in form of text boxes, which are generated through text detection and localization stages. Proposed method is robust with respect to the font size, color, orientation, and style. Results of the proposed algorithm, by taking real scenes, including indoor and outdoor images, show that this method efficiently extract and localize the scene text.
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