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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
A Software Framework to alleviate the Development of DR Management Systems
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Madhavi Latha Yalamarthi, Madhuri Katabathuni, Jyothi Kameswari Uppuluri
DR Management, DM Project, Component classes, Illustration, Analasys, Mediators
Even though many of the publications sustain the use for a generic DR Management software architecture, we noticed that present attempt to describe a Digital Rights Management Architecture that it doesn't provide to able support to visualize the existence and management of DR Management systems and applications. It is a marked problem that denote an essential demand for the development of DR Management, provides the significance of software architecture on the functional and non-functional characteristics of the performance. In this paper we suggested a generic DR Management framework, figure out it in the contingency even in heterogeneous environment. Analyze it to relevant work in the Digital Media Project. The proposed framework is more informative than the relevant work observed so far
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