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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Application of Capacitive Energy Storage Unit for Automatic Generation Control of Two Area Two Unit Power System
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V.V.Vijetha Inti, K.Ratna Raju, Aswani Kumar Eedara
Automatic generation control, capacitive energy storage, Area control error, generation rate Constraint, Area participation factor, Power Conversion System, a super capacitor or a cryogenic hyper capacitor
This paper is about the application of Capacitive Energy Storage unit (CES) to two area two unit powersystem to improve dynamic performance of automatic generation control. Simulation is done without CES, with CES unit by taking frequency error as control input and with CES unit by taking Area Control Error (ACE) as Control input. Simulation studies show that CES units are capable of reducing the settling time of the responses. Simulation study also reveals that the dynamic responses with frequency deviations as feedback to CES are better than that obtained with ACE as feedback to CES unit and far superior than that without CES units
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