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A Novel Method of Envisaging Thumb Features from Middle Finger Width
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Manimala.S, C.N.Ravi Kumar
thumb features, golden ratio, taalamana system, iconography, human hand
The anatomy of the hand is complex, intricate, and fascinating. Hands may be affected by many disorders, most commonly traumatic injury. In treating hand problems, the mastery of anatomy is fundamental in order to provide the best quality of care. The focus in this paper is on predicting geometric features of thumb from the known width of the middle finger. Geometric features of both the hands from 100 people of different age group were extracted from the silhouettes. The proposed method can be used to predict length of the thumb, position of knuckle from the finger tip and also thumb width at the above and below knuckle using taalamana system and shilpa shastra. The estimation accuracy of more than 90% is achieved for TFL, TFW1 and TL features and around 85% accuracy is achieved for TFW2 feature of the thumb.
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