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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Model Watershed Management Plan for Shivapur Village
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Mrs. V. A. Swami, Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni
Soil and Water conservation, Contour trenches, watershed development, Village pond, Social mapping
Water is one of the limited vital natural resources, which is indispensible for existence of all living matter hence it is known as ELIXIR of life, plant, animal and man. Potable water which was once thought to be an infinite, is in fact a fast depleting scarce commodity and at the present rate of consumption by mankind it would not last longer and become as dearer as fossil fuels today. Hence it becomes necessary to harness the water resources available on Earth through the application of science and technology. As a part of our last year students, we selected different areas for watershed development, surveyed them, analyzed the data and finalized the proposals. We could develop social contacts with the local people along with carrying out socio-economic survey of the area in the best possible way. It was decided that the proposals must be easily acceptable and adoptable by the local people, so that they would not have to depend upon the Government's financial assistance.
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