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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
An Approach to Implement an Interactive Question Answer System
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Soumya Batra, Piduru Sushrith Reddy
Interactive Question Answer System
An Interactive Question Answer System is the one that interacts with a user to answer a question posed by him/her in a Natural Language. Such systems need to first process the user's input to extract meaning, then perform information retrieval and answer extraction from their knowledgebase to produce the necessary answer. If employed successfully, these systems could be the next generation smart search engines. Some of the existing interactive QA systems are High Quality Interactive Question Answering (HITIQA) and YourQA. While HITIQA is a GUI based system using no dialogue and acting as an expert system, YourQA is largely dependent on system-user interaction. This paper talks about the design of an interactive QA system by categorizing various question types. Here, prime focus is on understanding the question first and then finding out the answer for it. In case of ambiguity, the system interacts with the user to find out more details. Entire World Wide Web is used as the system's knowledgebase. WordNet is used as a tool to extract meaning.
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