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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Effects of anisotropy on convection in porous media subject to nonuniform thermal average gradient
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F. P. Codo, V. Adanhounme, A. Adomou
The objective of the present study is to investigate analytically the e ect of anisotropy on the onset of natural convection heat transfer in a uid saturated porous horizontal cavity subjected to nonuniform thermal gradients,taking into account the hydrodynamic anisotropy of the porous matrix and the rigid/rigid and stress-free/stress-free horizontal boundaries.We have obtained the exact solutions for the ow and heat transfer variables,valid for the onset of convection related to vanishingly small wave number and depending on the Darcy-Rayleigh number Ra, the Darcy number Da and the anisotropic parameters K* and γ. Furthermore the critical Rayleigh number for the onset of convection is computed and the cases when Da approaches ∞ or 0 are discussed. The results of this paper are the generalization of the results obtained in Degan and Vaseur.
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