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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Research of cooperative decision-making based on Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy System
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Sangita Lalchand Vaswani, Muhammad Mazhar Manzoor, Asad Ali Siddique, Amir Ijaz
Adaptive Network-Based-Fuzzy Inference System, , Data Mining, Decision Support System, Fuzzy Logic , Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy System, Intelligent Decision Support System, Knowledge Base, Neural Network
A considerable advancement has been appreciated since very long in DSS framework and deployment of that in DSS. But the cognitive process execution and associative memory for storing the serial characters is an issue for DSS. The spectrum of neural networks is actually a huge platform to identify the hidden relations in dynamic systems, to resolve the problems in a way that linear systems can not resolve. Fuzzy-logic (FL) is an approach of solving the problems and the controlling the systems. Through FL definite conclusions can be received, even if the information is unclear, not complete, and splitting. Building DSS with hybrid neuro-fuzzy system gives us a new thought to develop intelligent DSS in cooperation with artificial intelligence. Hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems (Adaptive-Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System ANFIS) is a parallel architecture, distributive processing, system's adaptive nature for linguistics (low, medium, high), non-linear perspective, while realizing the real time processing. In this paper we have discussed the uncertain factors of DSS, explained cognitive processing steps of hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems, and proposed a research framework for cooperative decision support system in relation with neural network and hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems
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