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Wavelet Based Encoder/Decoder for Compression of ECG Signal
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Om Prakash Yadav, Vivek Kumar Chandra, Pushpendra Singh
Compression Ratio, ECG, Embedded zerotree wavelet (EZW), Modified embedded zerotree wavelet (MEZW), NMAE, NRMSE, Wavelet based linear prediction (WBLP),
Signal compression is an important problem encountered in many applications. Various techniques have been proposed over the years for addressing the problem. In this paper three compression algorithms are presented. In EZW algorithm, 3-level decomposition is performed to the original ECG samples, and the wavelet coefficients at different sub-band representing the same spatial location in the ECG samples are loaded into a spanning tree.MEZW is a method derived from EZW method. The difference between them is that only one dominant pass and one subordinate pass are performed in MEZW. If the computation time is a concern, both EZW and MEZW, especially EZW method, need to be applied to each of the ECG beats in order to break down the computational complexity.
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