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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Segmentation and Area Measurement for Thyroid Ultrasound Image
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Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood and Akmal Hayati Rusli
Thyroid, Contrast Enhancement, Active Contours, Ultrasound, Local-region based.
The thyroid measurement and recognition system is very useful in the medical field because the measurement of thyroid is important for the doctor diagnostic and medical analysis. In this paper, we present a simple guide of determine the thyroid lobes in the thyroid ultrasound image using a MATLAB. The image undergoes the contrast enhancement to suppress speckle. The enhancement image is used for further processing of segmentation the thyroid region by local region-based active contour. The thyroid region is segmented into two parts, which are right and left with the active contour method separately. This is accordingly to the thyroid have two lobes; right lobe and left lobe. Thyroid ultrasound image of transverse view is used in this study. Therefore, the measurements only involve the width, depth and area of the thyroid region. The result of thyroid measurement is successfully calculated in pixel unit. The measurement is converted in centimetre (cm) unit. The proposed method is benefited to enhance the image and segmentation the thyroid lobe. It shows that from five samples, different people have different size of thyroid, especially in measurement of the width, depth and area.
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