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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Effect of friction stir welding pressure on the microstructure and mechanical properties of weld joints
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Nofel M.AL-Araji, Karrer M.Kadum, Akeel A. AL-Dayni
friction stir welding, wear resistant, welding pressure, welding tool, heat effected zone
The (FSW) of commercial aluminum were studied. The Vickers microstructure of the tested spacemen's ranged from (33-48) VHN. The mechanical properties were investigated and the result shows that they are dependents on the weld test parameters such as spacemen thickness weld speed and weld pressure. The microstructure, including grain and sup grain structure, of has metals were compared with the weld zone and heat effected zone using transition electron microscopy. The microstructure of weld zone was characterized by dynamic recrastallization producing fine grain structure. However ,the heat affected zone exhibited an inhalation of the dislocations due to the increase the welding pressure at the welded joints which lead to formation of porous ,cavities and uneven deformed layers.
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