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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Sensitive Information on Move
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Sona Kaushik, Shalini Puri
Byte Array, Category Sets, Data Security, Data Sharing, Encryption, Natural Language Processing, Term Frequency
Sharing bulky data over the network securely is still a challenge for the organisations. Some data security architectures use multiple layers to provide them high security, so a Sensitive Information Security (SIS) Model is proposed in this paper which allows the sharing of very bulky data with high security over the network. The idea is to divide the documented text into its constituent parts, called data chunks, by using Natural Language Processing and then this processed and refined data is further separated into high risky and low risky data. Each data section is arranged in byte arrays of verbs, nouns, pronouns and so on. Bytes in the byte array are shuffled and encrypted realising the criticality of each array. Small chunks of shuffled arrays are encrypted and sent over the network securely. In this paper, this effort is made to present the investigations carried out using the rare combination of language processing and encryption techniques, to enhance the information security.
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