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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
OSD: A Source Level Bug Localization Technique Incorporating Control Flow and State Information in Object Oriented Program
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Partha Pratim Ray
Bug, ClDG, Embedded software, Object oriented program, Object state, UML
Bug localization in object oriented program has always been an important issue in softeware engineering. In this paper, I propose a source level bug localization technique for object oriented embedded programs. My proposed technique, presents the idea of debugging an object oriented program in class level, incorporating the object state information into the Class Dependence Graph (ClDG). Given a program (having buggy statement) and an input that fails and others pass, my approach uses concrete as well as symbolic execution to synthesize the passing inputs that marginally from the failing input in their control flow behavior. A comparison of the execution traces of the failing input and the passing input provides necessary clues to the root-cause of the failure. A state trace difference, regarding the respective nodes of the ClDG is obtained, which leads to detect the bug in the program.
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