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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Power-Quality improvement by multi pulse AC–DC converters for Varying Loads
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Ch.Punya Sekhar, C.Hari Krishna
Autotransformer, multipulse ac–dc converter, polygon connection, power-quality (PQ) improvement.
The present work is an endeavor towards analyzing the different multi-pulse converters in solving the harmonic problem in a three-phase converter system. The effect of increasing the number of pulses on the performance of AC to DC converters is analyzed.This paper presents the design and analysis of a novel 30-pulse ac–dc converter for harmonic mitigation under varying loads. The proposed multi pulse( 30-pulse) ac-dc converter is based on a polygon-connected autotransformer with reduced magnetics.The proposed ac–dc converter is able to eliminate lower than29th order harmonics in the ac supply current. Auto transformer is modi?ed The resulting supply current is near sinusoidal in shape with low total harmonic distortion and a nearly unity power factor. Moreover, the design of an to make it suitable for retro?t applications, where presently a 6-pulse diode bridge recti?er is used. To validate the proposed approach, various power-quality indices are presented under varying loads. The proposed ac–dc converter is found to be suitable for retro?t applications with a large load variation and where harmonic reduction is more stringent. The laboratory prototype of the proposed autotransformer-based 30-pulse ac–dc converter is developed and test results are presented which validate the developed design procedure and the simulation models of this ac–dc converter.
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