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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2011
Drunken Drive Protection System
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J.Vijay, B.Saritha, B.Priyadharshini, S.Deepeka, R.Laxmi
Accident, Drunken Driving, Helmet, Intelligent system, Safety, Sensor, Vehicle
Nowadays almost most of the countries are forcing the motor riders to wear the helmet and not to use the vehicles when the person is in drunken condition. But still in many places, the rules are being violated by the users. In order to overcome this problem, an intelligent system has been embedded in the helmet itself. The signal detected by IR sensor from the earlobe region and an alcohol sensor will be transmitted to the vehicle control circuit. It will not turn on the vehicle, when the user is without helmet or in drunken condition. The system containing the GPS receiver will provide the geometric coordinates to the control unit. Based on this coordinates the user cannot drive the vehicle into no entry or no parking areas. If he enters into the restricted area, buzzer will get activated and vehicle speed also gets controlled. In addition to the above, when an accident occurs the system will start alarm and if the user tries to suppress the warning alarm then SMS will not be sent else it will be sent to the user's relatives/friends. This contact information coded in the system can also be modified as per the users need. During the theft, the current location of the vehicle can be identified by sending the message from the user to the intelligent incorporated system. By this way the recovery of the vehicle is also possible by GPS-GSM communication.
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