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scirp IJSER >> Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2010
Sintered Properties of Aluminium Alloy for better Nano Tool Products  Download
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Raji.K, S. Alfred Cecil Raj
Compact, Heat Treatment, Porosity, Sintering
The most important property of aluminium is its low specific gravity (2.7), high electrical and thermal conductivities, high ductility and corrosion resistance in various media. Aluminium has a face centered cubic crystal lattice whose constant depends upon its degree of purity. Moreover the mechanical properties of pure aluminium are not very high though it posses good ductility. When aluminium is added with copper, nickel, iron, silicon the mechanical properties will be increased. The present investigation explains how the mechanical properties of Al-Cu composition are increased and the effect of sintering on the above composition dominating. One of the advantages, of P/M is , metals and alloys in any proportion can be mixed together to manufacture articles of any desired shapes, in this respect process is not governed by the phase rule1 which is applicable to alloys manufactured by melting.
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