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scirp IJSER >> Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2010
Detecting Malicious Nodes For Secure Routing In MANETS Using Reputation Based Mechanism
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Santhosh Krishna B.V, Mrs.Vallikannu M.E
Black hole, Reputation, Flooding
Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETS) are prone to a number of security threats. We incorporate our distributed reputation protocol within DSR and perform extensive simulations using a number of scenarios characterized by high node mobility, short pause time and highly sparse network in order to evaluate each of the design choices of our system. We focus on a single and multiple blackhole attacks but our design principles and results are applicable to a wider range of attacks such as grayhole, flooding attacks. Our implementation of blackhole comprises active routing misbehavior and forwarding misbehavior. We design and build our prototype over DSR and test it in NS-2 in the presence of variable active blackhole attacks in highly mobile and sparse networks.
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