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scirp IJSER >> Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2010
Mobile Controlled Robots for Regulating DC Motors and their Domestic Applications
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Suman Khakurel, Ajay Kumar Ojha, Sumeet Shrestha, Rasika N. Dhavse
Mobile Controlled Robot; DC motors; DTMF; CM8870
Robotics and automation engrosses designing and implementation of prodigious machines which has the potential to do work too tedious, too precise, and too dangerous for human to perform. It also pushes the boundary on the level of intelligence and competence for many forms of autonomous, semi- autonomous and tele-operated machines. Intelligent machines have assorted applications in medicine, defence, space, under water exploration, disaster relief, manufacture, assembly, home automation and entertainment. Prime motive behind this project is to design and implement in hardware, a mobile controlled robotic system for maneuvering DC motors and remotely controlling the electric appliances. Mobile platform is to be in the form of a robot capable of standard locomotion in all directions. The robot can be operated in two ways; either by a call made to the mobile phone mounted on the robot or by communication with a computer through a wireless module. Signals from the receiver mobile phone are transformed into digital outputs with the assistance of a decoder. Microcontroller processes these decoded outputs and generates required signal to drive the dc motors. Outputs from the microcontroller are processed by the motor driver to get sufficient current for smooth driving of dc motors and electronic equipments. Consequently, motion of the robot can be regulated and the electric appliances can be controlled from a remote locality. Various levels of automation can be attributed to the robot by suitably modifying the programme loaded on the microcontroller chip.
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