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To Evaluate The Effect Of Non Treated Sewage Discharge Containing Fecal Matter And Some Chemicals In Ponds
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Vineeta Girdoniya
Abundant, contaminates, crisis, critical, detergent, environment, ecological, global, industrial, infrastructure, management, mankind, negligence, percolate, population, pollution, sewage, turbulence.
This is to Evaluate the adverse effects of sewage discharge containing chemicals like detergents, fecal matter, domestic substances and chemical salts etc. in ponds. Purpose of this research is to detect the development of microbs and increase in the concentration of chemical salts,, if any, in pond water due to sewage discharge in ponds, which may be pathogenic in nature and are responsible for the cause of diseases like cholera, disentary, tuberculosis, toxicity etc in man and domestic animals.
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3. Need of environmental Pollution Education and the Development of the Country. R.C. Dalela 1986.

4. Water ecology FAQ frequently asked questions

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