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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
Improving the Productivity using Value Stream Mapping and Kanban Approach
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Ritesh R. Bhat, Prof. S. Shivakumar
Current State Mapping, Future State Mapping, GHPL, Kanban, Process information, Software, Value stream mapping
"Change is constant", is the phrase today most of the industries believe in and act upon. Industries today are trying to be flexible enough towards the fluctuating demands. Out of several countries participating in this business race, India is an emerging but prime competitor. The industries have observed that just by increasing the productivity by some or the other means is not the objective of their business but the most important fact is by what means they are accomplishing the same. Many techniques have been adapted for this purpose, which have been broadly classified mainly under technical approach and behavioral techniques for increasing productivity. Value stream mapping (VSM) and Kanban are the techniques which fall under technical approach method and when used together as a combination gives a tremendous result.
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