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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
To study the Employee Engagement practices and its effect on employee performance with special reference to ICICI and HDFC Bank in Lucknow
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Neeta Bhatla
Employee engagement, Organizational commitment, Job content, Involvement, Objectivity, Motivation
The employee engagement practices in an organization get increased as companies tend to work with a global workforce .Organizations are on hunt for people who are generally enthusiastic to come to work everyday and are highly passionate about their work .The article focuses on the need for such employees and how their presence can improve the progress and work efficiency of the organization as a whole .Also focuses on the challenges faced by the HR managers to improve employee engagement for an organization's survival .It also throws light on other aspects of employee engagement like benefits ,key indicators and factors influencing employee engagement. It also focuses on the various practices used in private banks.
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