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Determination of effectiveness of Emotional-logical therapy on addictive spouses' marriage conflict of visitor to addiction center of Zahedan
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Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh, Dr.Ahmad Reza Keikhayfarzaneh, Dr.Javad Khalatbari, Mohammad Sourizaei
emotional- logical therapy couples, married aggression, addiction
During recent years it seems that amount of divorcing Couples dissatisfaction of each other and missing link between families members are on the increase. The main purpose of this study is considering efficacy of emotional-logical therapy couples for decreasing aggression of married life in addicts Zahedan addiction relief center.This is experimental, pretest-posttest study. Between 280 referral cases, 120 cases with high level of married aggression set in two groups of 60 people accidentally. Married aggression questionnaire was used for collecting data. Couple treatment program was done in two hours 18 sessions. After Ending sessions post test was done for both groups. Data was analyzed by SPSS software.according to this study emotional-logical therapy couples has positive decreasing effect on aggressions "married (P<0.05), decreasing cooperation (P<0.01), decreasing libido (P<0.01), increasing emotional reaction (P<0.01), increasing individual relationship with relatives (P<0.05), increasing drawing children's attention (P<0.01), decreasing familial relationship with spouse-in-law (P<0.01) and defining financial issues (P<0.01)".According to results emotional- logical therapy couples can be effective in decreasing married aggression .it is recommended to make maximum use of this way of treatment for solving married aggression by more evaluation of this issue.
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